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Barra da Tijuca - Rio de Janeiro - Brasil
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Target - Operating with a Difference

We have a philosophy of being discerning about the events with which we work, aiming at keeping it at just the right number of events that allow us to offer a personalized and distinguishing service, and so maintaining the high standard and rapid response of the operation.


Design and provision of personalized solutions for events and internal functions in the corporate market: training, conventions, launches, internal campaigns, anniversaries etc. We are always striving to meet the needs with the most creative and original solutions.


In today’s world the flow of information in the scientific field is very big and it needs to be quick and practical. A lot of the time resources are limited and the teams from the universities themselves choose to manage the events. In this case we act as official agents, offering a specialized service, without costs to the organization and bringing commercial advantages.

Professional Congress Organizers

We act as partners with Congress Managing Companies, acting as official agents of both scientific and technical congresses, enabling an exchange of expertise.