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Activities - Operating Worldwide

We believe that good partnerships and creativity help overcoming difficulties concerning complicated budgets, with surprising results. We therefore operate on two segments: Organization of Eventsand Travel Arrangements For Events, assuring you the best commercial offer with our partners.

1) Organization of Events

Our proposal of partnership stems from an strategic planning to implementation of all operational stages concerning the event, in order to attain established goals, with the optimization of resources and to match the client's special needs.

We have established important partnerships, bringing together professionals and companies specialized in organization of events, thereby offering intelligent solutions with competence and creativity.  

Stages of Organization

Creation: We believe that events are an important way of communication and should reflect the way companies want to be recognized and valued. Therefore, events should be carried out with professionalism and creativity. We determine goals, theme, place, target audience, dimensions, differential and all items related to the conception.

Partnerships: Products and services budgeting and suggestions of hotels, alternative spaces, visual communication, entertainment, graphical material, catering and decoration will be based on previous experience.

Budget: We work with different types of suppliers for each service. Our challenge is to select the most adequate supplier that meets a specific event’s requirements.

Engagement: After choosing and defining, we execute a contract with every supplier involved in the process, following every operational and commercial step.

Differential: With the support of a company specialized in communication, we set up a plan to publicize the event, making it highly attractive and thus, getting the attention of the target public.

Operation: In this phase we design all the pieces to be used in the event: invitations, signs, brochures, folders, gifts, name-tags, games, dynamics etc. During all this work we will be controlling the pre-approved budget by means of frequent reports, according to the needs of the client.

Confirmations: We also work as an information centre, guaranteeing ready access to the details of the event. To this end we use various tools, such as systems for receiving inscriptions, RSVP, a toll free line and an exclusive e-mail.

Reception: Put into action a plan for transportation, airport reception and arrival at the hotel.

Installation: We keep track of all the setting up of equipment, visuals, delivery of materials, preparation of the material of the participant, etc.

Event: During the event we take care of all the details, leaving our client free from care and available to receive the guests.

After the Event: In accordance with the initial planning we will maintain contact with the participants by the sending of DVDs, photos, messages, thus prolonging the results of the event.

2) Travel Specialised for Events

Even though many people do not realize, the travel agency business is indeed segmented. In light of the peculiarity of each area of events, we provide a service tailored especially for this operation, receiving both Brazilian and foreign participants in the city where the event will take place. Our remuneration as the Official Tourist agency will be obtained through the commission charged from the various suppliers, in so doing not incurring any costs as the official tourist agency.

Travel for events: We offer the most complete boarding and logistic service available in the events industry.

Selection of Hotel: We choose the hotels to be used based upon the profile of the event, encompassing both tourist and luxury hotels, so as to meet the needs of the optimum number of clients.

Selection of Airline: Our proposal is to research the market and always offer the best conditions for the partipants, organizing committee and guests.

Selection of Airline: Our proposal is to research the market and always offer the best conditions for the partipants, organizing committee and guests.

Service to the Participants: Our specialized staff is able to offer a first-class service and to clarify whatever doubt regarding our products, conveying the sense of quality at every stage.

Guests Service: Another important proposal is to meet the needs of the VIP guests to perfection, accommodating their own schedules to fit their trip without additional costs to the event.

Sightseeing Activities: Every sightseeing activity is planned and organized by our specialists until its execution and arranged by our staff, who will be present at the event, offering all the information with a personalized service.

Transport and Reception: We do all the planning, hiring and co-ordinating of the shuttle service, including the  markings on the vehicles and designing of  leaflets with the routes and times of the transport service, as well as organizing the reception at the airport, giving all assistance upon the arrival of the guests and participants.

Publicizing on the Internet: For each event we elaborate a page on the internet where the participants can see photos of the hotels, maps as well as various information about touristic centres of Brazil. Through the links, we connect these pages to the official pages of the event, thus allowing the participant, in a single connection, to enrol in the event and make a hotel reservation.

Social Events: Your event has to be unique! We will make it more than special, unforgettable. We design projects for theme, classical or modern parties. We offer all our expertise for the undertaking of this special event. We take care of all the items: decoration, catering, staff and musical entertainment. Gifts, souvenirs and personalized promotional material are also supplied.